Treatment Options

Ventral or Incisional Hernia

These are usually in the middle of the abdomen and often coming through previous operation site. We offer both laparoscopic and advanced open procedures for their repair. The aim of surgery is to correct anatomy, restore abdominal wall function and close defects with techniques to minimise complications and improve long term success. These include abdominal wall reconstruction for difficult, large or recurrent hernias using component separation and retro muscular techniques. These are refinements of the 'Rives-Stoppa' repair.

Dr Towsey has published and presented widely about complex hernia repairs, component separation and the management of traumatic hernias. He is recognised as a leader and educator of other surgeons locally and abroad about the management of these complex hernias. We continue to advance the understanding of hernias, best operative techniques and outcomes through our research institute.

Umbilical, Inguinal, Femoral Hernia

Depending on size of hernia and size of patient, these are often treated laparoscopically. However some patients may need an open repair. This decision is made after assessment of each patient and their individual needs.

No matter the procedure or type of hernia, all patients will be encouraged to cease smoking if they indulge and to lose weight if that is an issue.
This is because complications such as wound infections, failure of repair and pneumonia are much more common in smokers and those high body mass.