Information for Doctors

Why refer to the Hernia Clinic of Brisbane?

Doctors and GPs from all over Queensland refer their patients to the Hernia Clinic of Brisbane for a range of reasons.

Our surgeons are recognised as experts in their fields.  Professor Michael Muller and Dr Keith Towsey have years of experience in the Public Health Sector and are recognised as skilled, knowledgeable surgeons.

Professor Muller and Towsey are members of the Spring Hill Specialist Group, home to the Hernia Clinic of Brisbane, from where they consult with patients.

The doctors operate from the best facilities and hospitals in Queensland - St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, Sunnybank Private Hospital and North West Private Hospital.

Patients and referring doctors alike recognise their skills as clinical diagnosticians, surgeons and post-operative carers.

Each patient is assessed thoroughly and a complete physical examination performed along with gaining background general medical and social information. This  informs appropriate advice regarding whether surgery is indicated - its nature and extent. If indicated, patients are referred back to their GP or other specialists for workup and preparation for safe surgery.

Our aim is to prepare patients for surgery to the best of our ability, using the best resources and professional support we can.