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Welcome to the Hernia Clinic of Brisbane

Many people suffer from hernias. Best described as a bulge or tear in the groin or stomach, they usually cause discomfort or swelling.

Hernias don't fix themselves or go away, and generally get larger and more painful over time.

In rare cases, complications can actually be life threatening.

That's why, if you have a suspected hernia, it's important to seek professional advice about how to treat it as soon as you can.

At the Hernia Clinic of Brisbane, we provide a skilled, experienced and comprehensive service for the treatment of all types of hernias.

Our doctors, Professor Michael Muller and Dr Keith Towsey, are respected as pre-eminent surgeons with many years of expertise in a range of professional medical disciplines.

They are renowned not only for their technical expertise but for their personal attention to patients - they listen carefully, analyse all treatment options and give the best possible individual advice.

Our practice offers the following patient benefits:

  • Day hernia surgery (in most cases) at hospitals all around Brisbane.
  • Quick return to work and normal activities.
  • Close professional and caring attention before, during and after surgery.

In Brief

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The Hernia Clinic of Brisbane delivers international standard, evidence based care for patients with hernias of all sorts. Dr Towsey and Professor Muller are respected and experienced practitioners. They pride themselves on tailoring treatment to the needs of the individual and have a large range of procedures from which to choose.

Dr Towsey pioneered techniques of abdominal wall reconstruction in Queensland (component separation) and is a teacher of the technique in Australia and overseas.

Professor Muller and Dr Towsey are committed to subjecting their techniques to scientific rigour and have published their results in scientific journals.

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